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08/10/2020 Coming soon Christmas stock
We are busy making a lot of new stock ready for Christmas. There will be some nice new Christmas themed glassware,...
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24/08/2020 News about us Company Transport
The Company Trike is now logoed up and looking like it means serious business.
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28/07/2020 News about us Summer Sale
We have decided to discontinue the felt items. They are now on sale for discounts up to 50%. Snap up a bargain for...
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31/05/2020 News about us The Racing Tabby Rainbow
The Racing Tabby Rainbow. It is now displayed in the front window to provide a bit of cheerfullness for everyone...
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18/02/2020 New items Experiments Part 1
Some goodies straight after firing in the new kiln. Pushing technical and material boundaries, most were successful.
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18/02/2020 News about us The new delivery vehicle.
We are very excited about our new electric tricycle. It will be used for delivery of goods to the local Post...
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18/02/2020 News about us The Glass Kiln
The glass kiln has arrived and is now up and running. Look forward to some exciting new products coming soon.
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02/12/2019 Craft Fairs Christmas Fair at Lamarsh Village Hall
We had a good time at the Christmas Fair in Lamarsh Village Hall. There was a good turnout and the Racing Tabby table...
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29/10/2019 Coming soon Water resistant felt
We are currently testing a method of making felt so water resistant that the vase/bottle covers will not collapse if...
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15/10/2019 News about us A hat!!
We don't normally make hats, but we made one for Mary when she Braved the Shave to raise money for McMillan. The...
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